April 2021 Updates

April 2021 Updates

Well it has certainly been a long time since we did this hasn’t it? But it is time for the April 2021 Updates.

Corona, moving house, looking for a new job. All these things have been keeping us away from the website when we have sorely been wanting to work on it.

Anyway here we are everyone. Here are all the new pages up on the website since the last update all the way back in March last year. These are only new pages, not Updated ones. It has been a year, we don’t remember what was updated! -.-

Total Pages: 869. Wanted Pages: 661.



April 2021 Updates
Date Clan







April 2021 Updates
Sakura Sogoro


April 2021 Updates
Oiran Buchi

Poetry Pages

Supernatural Creatures

That’s it for now.

Talk soon.

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