Sarumaru Taifu Poems

Sarumaru Taifu Poems
We are creating these pages to serves as a list of poems by Sarumaru Taifu as we carry out more research, as well as the numerous translations these poems have in English.

We will group them into the literature they comes from.

Should we not known where they come from yet, you will find them under the sub-heading ‘Unsure Location.’







Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Japanese text2
Romanized Japanese1
Okuyama ni
momoji mireba
naku shika no
koe kiku toki zo
aki wa kanashiki
English translation1
English Translation3English Translation4
In the deep mountains
making a path
through the fallen leaves,
the plaintive belling of the stag-
how forlorn the autumn feels.
Deep in the mountains,
I hear the cries of a stag searching for its mate amidst the momiji-
How sad the autumn feels to me!
In the mountain depths,
Treading through the crimson leaves,
cries the wandering stag.
When I hear the lonely cry,
Sad, how sad, the autumn is!
English Translation5
Deep back in the hills
a stag walks through red leaves,
calling for his mate-
and ah, when I hear his voice,
how forlorn the autumn seems.


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