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We are friends, living in different parts of Japan, wanting to share with you the small pieces of Japanese history that we have learnt during our time here.

Heather has been studying Japanese for 4 years. Over 2 years ago she moved to Japan to teach and learn. She and her husband currently live in Western Japan.

An enthusiastic lover of Japanese cake and sweets, Gudetama, and Chiko-chan, she shares her stories and observations at heatheroveryonder.com

Thomas arrived in Japan in 2017, first living in the snowy area of Iwate Prefecture.

Now living in Chiba Prefecture he spends his days doing what he loves; researching Japanese history and writing his fantasy books which can be found over at thenexusscape.com

Like we said we want to share with you what we have learnt during our time here and so we created a Podcast as well as this Database.

It is a big endeavor, but we will continue to work hard to make this a useful database of Japanese history as well as striving to make a fun and interesting podcast diving into bite size pieces of Japanese History every week. 

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