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The Jinkaishū (塵芥集 – Collection of Dust and Ashes) was a domainal law code (bunkokuhō) written by Date Tanemune and enacted by him on 4th May 1536.

This piece of literature is the most detailed of all to have been made, and the longest remaining copy we have consists of 171 articles and throught the supremacy of the daimyō and his laws are stressed. This particular documents comes attached with another one entitled Kurakata no Okite (Regulations for Pawn-brokers) dated to April 7th 1533.

Articles in the Document:

    • 16-75 – Criminal Law
    • 76-83 – Relationship between military and farmers
    • 93-120 – Regulation of trade in the domain
    • 162-167 – Marital problems.1


1. Kodansha. (1993) ”Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia”. Tokyo: Kodansha Ltd.

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