Date Sōdō

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Date Sōdō
Mon of the Date Clan

Date Sōdō

The Date Sōdō (伊達騒動 – Date Disturbance) was a small clash in the Date Clan at the hands of Date Munekatsu. between the years of 1660-1670.12

Date Tsunamura replaced his fathed Tsunamune as daimyō of the Sendai Domain, though in reality it was Munekatsu who held the strings of power.2

In 1666, an attendant of Tsunamura’s died after taste testing his food, with rumours saying Munekatsu was the one behind the plan, by 1670 Munekatsu’s poor governing was reported to the shogunate, and months later Sakai Tadakiyo was murdered by one of Munekatsu’s officials as he was about the sentence him for his bad governing. This assassin was beheaded and Munekatsu was exiled to the Tosa Domain.1

This ended the Date Sōdō.


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