March 2023 Updates

February is over already. And we have had another productive month. The podcast continues its return and we have many new ideas we want to bring to you soon. We did a lot of pages surrounding the reign of Emperor Sujin, as well as several new Yokai and people from the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.

And my YouTube endevours continue well.

This coming month I want to be done with all the notes I currently have concerning the Fujiwara Clan. Then we can close the book on their research for now until I delve into a book I have concerning their clan. Right now I just want to get onto the site all the notes I found from the 2 encyclopedia’s I have.

Thats all for now, enjoy the March 2023 Updates.

Total Articles of the website: 1354

Total Broken Links waiting to be made: 895

March 2023 Updates
The Orion Nebula



Government Structure

Imperial Family

Emperor Sujin



March 2023 Updates
Cover of the Konjaku Hyakki Shui



The Ningyo


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