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Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.


Kibitsuhiko (吉備津彦命) was the son of Emperor Kōrei and Yamatonokunikahime. He was the brother of Yamatototohimomosobime, Yamatototowakayabime12 and Hikosashikatawake.1

In the kojiki he is given an alternative name of Hikoisaseribiko and is stated to be the ancestor of the Grandess of Kamutsumichi in Kibi.1

In the pages of the kojiki it also states that with his half-brother Wakatakehiko they laid sacred jars on the River Hi in Harima. After this they went to subdue and pacify the area of Harima.1

Reign of Emperor Sujin

We see Kibitsuhiko mentioned in the nihongi during the reign of Emperor Sujin (a dsitant relative of Kibitsuhiko).

Alongside Hikoimasu, Takenumakahawake and Ohobiko he is sent out to subdue the surrounding provinces in the 10th year of his reign. Kibitsuhiko is sent to the ‘Western Road.’

During the war against Takehaniyasuhiko in the same year of his reign. He is sent to intercept the forces of Atahime whom he defeats. Killing her and her men.

Later in the same year he is ordered to subdue the ‘savage tribes abroad’ with Takenumakahawake, Ohobiko and Tambanochinushi. He, alongside the others return in the 11th year to make report of their victory.

He is mentioned one more time in the 60th year of his reign when he is sent with Kibitsuhiko to put Izumo Furune to death.2


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