Takenumakahawake from the Nihon Hyakushoden by Kuniyoshi Utagawa.


Takenumakahawake (武渟川別) was the son of Ohobiko and brother of Hikoinakoshiwake. He said to be the ancestor of the Abe no Omi in the kojiki.v

Reign of Emperor Sujin

During the reign of his cousin Emperor Sujin he is instructed with his father, Hikoimasu and Kibitsuhiko to subdue the surrounding provinces.

The nihongi says he is sent to the ‘Eastern Sea,’3 the kojiki saying he is sent to the ‘twelve circuits’ to subdue the people there in the 10th year of his reign.12

Takenumakahawake then meets up with Ohobiko (after the events following the war with Takehaniyasuhiko) and make report to the Emperor.

The nihongi mentions him again in the same year of the Emperors reign when he is ordered to subdue the ‘savage tribes abroad’ with Ohobiko, Kibitsuhiko and Tambanochinushi. He, alongside the others return in the 11th year to make report of their victory.

Later in the 60th year of Sujin’s reign he is sent with Kibitsuhiko to put Izumo Furune to death.3

Reign of Emperor Suinin

During the following reign, he is said to have been one of the Five Daibu alongside Hikokunifuku, Ohokashima, Tochine no Ōmuraji and Takehi. They are gathered by Emperor Suinin to talk of the wisdom of the previous Emperor.3


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