Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.


Takehaniyasuhiko (武埴安彦命) was the son of Emperor Kōgen and Haniyasuhime.123

During the reign of Emperor Sujin he planned to rise up against him and attack.123

In the kojiki it says that Ohobiko made report of a strange song he had heard, the Emperor deducing this meant Takehaniyasuhiko meant to attack. And so he was sent with Hikokunibuku to stop Takehaniyasuhiko both of them heading to Yamashiro Province.

During the fight Takehaniyasuhiko shoots the first arrow and misses, Hikokunibuku returning fire and killing him with one shot. This causes his army to be routed and all of them are killed.23

The nihongi states that he and his wife Atabime came to attack. However, the outcome is the same, with Hikokunibuku killing him with one arrow.1


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