Yamashiro Province

Yamashiro Province
Location of Yamashiro Province.

Yamashiro Province

Yamashiro Province (山城国) was an old Province of Japan, located in what is now Kyoto Prefecture.1 The Shinsen Shōjiroku shows the Haji Clan dwelt in this province amongst others.3


One of the 5 central (kinai) provinces, established under the Kokugun System in 646AD, this area was already settled in the 5th Century by Hata Family and other naturalised Korean families (Kikajin).2

Nara Period

Between 741-44AD this Province held the offical residence of Emperor Shōmu at Kuni no Miya in the southern part of Province. Yamashiro became the site of the capital when Nagaokakyō was made in 784. Ten years later the capital moved to again Heiankyo (Kyoto), still in this Province. The province remained the govermental seat until the 1868 Meiji Restoration.2


After the Meiji Reformation this province became Kyoto and Yodo Prefectures, however thry were consolidated in Kyoto Prefecture on November 22 1871.2


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