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Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.


Hikoimasu (彦坐王) was the son of Emperor Kaika and Oketsuhime.123 He is additonally said to have had several wives and many children.


With his first wife Yenahime he had Ohōmata, Womata and Shibumi no Sukune.

Marrying Sahonoohokuramitome he had Sahobiko, Wozaho, Sahobime and Murobiko.

His marriage to Okinaganomidzuyorihime saw five more children called Tanika no hiko Tatatsumichinoushi, Midzuhonomawaka, Kamuohone, Midzuhonoihoyorihime and Mimitsuhime.

And with his final wife Oketsuhime he had Yamashiro no Oho Tsutsuki no Mawaka, Hioosu and Irine.23

Reign of Emperor Sujin

In the nihongi it states during the reign of his nephew Emperor Sujin he was instructed alongside Ohobiko, Takenumakahawake and Kibitsuhiko to subdue the surrounding provinces in the 10th year of his reign.

He is sent to Taniha to slay ‘Kugamimi-no-mikasa,’ though we are unsure what is meant by this. Scholars believe that this person may in fact be more than one.1

He is not mentioned in the kojiki during this part of Sujin’s reign, and instead a man known as Tambanochinushi is included.23


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