Koshi Province

Koshi Province
Koshi Province.

Koshi Province

Koshi Province (越国) was an old Province of Japan.

It is said the inhabitants of this area were of foreign origins, from Manchuria and Korea. These people were known as Koshi-bito.1

Mythical Associations

The area known as the Tsutsu Cape located here is mentioned in the ‘Land Pulling Myth’ of the Izumo Fudoki when the Spirit Yatsukamizu Omitsuno takes land from here to add it to Izumo Province.2

Tales from the Kojiki relate how the fearsome Dragon known as Yamata no Orochi came from this Province.3

Asuka Period

During the Taika Reforms the Province was dissolved into the Provinces of Etchu, Echizen and Echigo.1

Abe no Hirafu acted as Governor of this province for a time during his life.1


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