October 2022 Updates

October 2022 Updates

Hey there. Another update for you all as our podcast continues its little break. Many things happening right now in our lives that are keeping us away from our show right now. But don’t worry, we will be coming back to you soon!

As for the website. I have set a goal to add pages for all the members of the Fujiwara Clan that I have from all my books. I am really hoping to have this done by the end of this month, and trust me there are maaaannnnyyyyy people to add for this clan.

After that we will turn our attention back onto other things and start again adding more of a variety of things onto the website.

I think that is everything pretty much for now. Thanks to everyone who keeps on using this site as we grow, we are seeing more and more visitors every month!

Total Pages: 1143 Wanted Pages: 890

October 2022 Updates
Konoe Motomichi

Fujiwara Clan

Konoe Family

Kujo Family

Matsudono Family

Saionji Family

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