Fujiwara no Tadabumi

Fujiwara no Tadabumi
Mon of the Fujiwara Clan.

Fujiwara no Tadabumi

Fujiwara no Tadabumi (藤原 忠文) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, living from 873-947, he was the son of Fujiwara no Tsuneyoshi. He was also known as Uji no Mibu-kyō.

During his lifetime he was General of the Imperial Troops and by 941AD was given the title of sei-i-tai-shōgun. That same year he was given the task of putting down a revolt led by Fujiwara no Sumitomo and Taira no Masakado. During his attempts to quell the revolt he was helped at sea by Ono no Yoshifuru who saw to Sumitono’s pirates being defeated.

This led to Sumitono seeking refuge on Kyushu where Tadabumi eventually tracked him down in Iyo Province where he killed him.1


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