November 2022 Updates

November 2022 Updates

Hey everyone, here is our November 2022 Updates for you all. This month ended up being rather productive. Like we said in the previous update post we are still working through all of the members of the Fujiwara Clan we currently have notes for and have added many new members of their clan onto the website.

But we also took a little break to also turn our attention back to the Imperial Family. There are of course many topics about Japan and committing to only one aspect at a time feels detrimental to the site. Especially as we are now seeing much more visits to our growing little site. Next month we will continue with the Imperial Family and Fujiwara Clan, but will try and also add a third topic onto the website as the month progress, perhaps Yokai once more.

Hope you all have a great month, and that you enjoyed halloween. Check back with you all next month. We are also gearing back to bringing back the podcast for you all very soon.

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November 2022 Updates



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