Fujiwara no Yorinaga

Fujiwara no Yorinaga
Fujiwara no Yorinaga.

Fujiwara no Yorinaga

Fujiwara no Yorinaga (藤原 頼長) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, more specifically the Hokke Branch of the clan, living from 1120-1156AD.

He was the son of Fujiwara no Tadazane and father to Fujiwara no Moronaga. He is known to have adopted Fujiwara no Masuko, the daughter of Fujiwara no Kin’yoshi.1 He was also the father of Fujiwara no Kanenaga.2

During the events of the Hōgen no Ran he made a compromise with the the Minamoto Clan and was killed in battle.

He has a diary titled Daiki and was also known as Uji no Sadaijin and Akusafu.1


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