May 2023 Updates

As you can see below in the May 2023 Updates not much was actually added to the website, nor was much updated.

We decided to have a much slower month after the productivity of April and we are happy to see we are still getting consistently high visits to the website even after we sat back and didn’t add much.

This month I may not add much new as I want to focus on making some small changes to a lot of existing pages to make them more consistent. This mostly focuses on changing words such a God/Spirit/Deity to kami. So that we can later create a page for the kami of Japan.

That’s all for now.

Total Pages created: 1431

Total Wanted Pages waiting to be made: 905


May 2023 Updates

You can listen to the full podcast episodes here: Japan Archives, or wherever you listen to Podcasts.

Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: @japan_archives

We also started a Youtube channel for Japan Archives.

And another for other creative endeavours!

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