April 2023 Updates

Well as you can see in the April 2023 Updates we did what we set out to do for the month. All the notes I have right now for members of the Fujiwara Clan are now on the website and so I will be taking a break from them. When I come back I will be bringing their information together to add a concise and detailed information onto their clan page. But until then I will be focusing again on other topics to continue to bring a wide range of content for you to read.

This month was the best we have ever had for views on the site almost hitting 6000! So thank you all so much for the continued use of the website. It is great seeing it being useful to many people.

Thats all for now, now go have a look at the long list of new Fujiwara members in the April 2023 Updates.

Total Pages created: 1428

Total Wanted Pages waiting to be made: 905




Fujiwara Clan

Fujiwara no Michinobu
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Konoe Family

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Mon of the Kujō Family

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Mon of the Takatsukasa Family


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