Konoe Motomichi

Konoe Motomichi
Konoe Motomichi.

Konoe Motomichi

Konoe Motomichi (近衛 基通) was a member of the Konoe Family, a decendant of the Fujiwara Clan, living from 1160-1233.1

He was the son of Konoe Motozane, and father of Konoe Iezane and Konoe Michitsune.2

During his lifetime he was appointed a kampaku in 1179 and later sesshō in 1180 and then again in 1183. He was made kampaku again in 1196, and sesshō once more between 1198 and 1202.

After this he entered religion and became a buddhist monk.

He was also known as Fugenji-dono.1


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