Kujō Yoshitsune

Kujō Yoshitsune

Kujō Yoshitsune

Kujō Yoshitsune (九条 良経) (Fujiwara no Ryokei?2) was a member of the Kujō Family, a descendant of the Fujiwara Clan, living from 1169-1206AD.

He was the son of Kujō Kanezane and father to Kujō Michiie, Kujō Noriie, Kujō Motoie and Kujō Risshi.1

During his lifetime he was made Minister of the Left in 1199 and later Regent in 1200, by 1204 he was made Chancellor.

As a member of the Bureau of Poetry he helped in compiling the Shin-kokinshū as well as writing its preface.

We can find 320 poems of his in the Imperial Anthologies as well as in a private collection. He was also included as one of the 36 Poetic Geniuses of the Late Classical Period.2

One of his poems (No.91) can be found in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu and goes as follows:

Japanese text3
Romanized Japanese2
English translation2
naku ya shimoyo no
samushiro ni
koromo katashiki
hitori ka mo nen
The crickets cry
on this frosty night
as I spread my robe for one
on the cold straw mat
where I shall sleep alone.


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Kujō Yoshitsune