January 2023 Updates

January 2023 Updates

A New Year has started and I am more motivated than ever with this website, bringing back the podcast and all the new things I have started to do like Youtube.

This month was getting a lot of pages created that have been waiting to be made for a long time, mostly Provinces. They may not have too much information to them right now, but it is helping to connected ther website together even better.

We also worked on many more Fujiwara’s as we endevour to get those I have research for onto the website. I am excited to bring you the family tree I have been working on for the Fujiwara Clan either this month or next.

That’s all for now. Have a great New Year everyone. Let’s make it the best one yet!

Someone recently asked me to clarify the meaning of the Total Pages and the Wanted Pages so I am going to do that going forward for everyone.

Total Articles on the website: 1229.

Total Broken Links waiting to be made: 893.




January 2023 Updates


Shinano Province

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