June 2024 Updates

June 2024 Updates

It has been a few months since we were last able to update the website, and we apologise for that. Work gets in the way, yuu know how it is. When you have a full time job, passion projects often have to wait.

Hoping one day we can change that and be able to focus alot more on the website for you all!

June 2024 Updates
Emperor Keikō

As it stands we only have a few new pages for the start of June as we have been remembering where we were at when we last updated the website. So this month we will be getting the information surrounding the reign of Emperor Keikō all updated and expanded on for you before we turn our eyes to something new.

Perhaps the next Emperor, perhaps we can look at that and something new as well to expand the database in new directions.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to come and use the website these past few months, it means alot to us to see this online resource being used so much!

Total created pages: 1517

Total Wanted Pages waiting to be made: 978.

Imperial Family



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