Ishikoridome (Stone Mold Crone1) (石凝姥命 or 伊斯許理度売命) is a Shinto Spirit who is mentioned during the time when Amaterasu hides herself in the Sacred Rock Cave. She is tasked with making a mirror to help in coaxing her out of the cave to bring sunlight back to the world. An alternative version of the Nihongi, in which she is called Ono-kori-dome, states she formed a Sun Spear made out of copper form Mount Kagu to help get Amaterasu out of the cave as well as Heavenly Bellows out of Stag Hide. Additionally it goes on to say that the Deity which she fashioned by this means was called Hinomahe and lives in Kii Province. Anther varion has her father making the mirror and not her,2

In the Gleaning of Ancient Words, it is said the first mirror she made was defective and so became the Spirit called Hinokuma. The Engi Shiki lists 3 shrines to her in Yamato.1

This Spirit is claimed as the ancestor of the Mirror Makers in the Kojiki,1 in the Nihongi she is said to be the daughter of Amenonukado, their ancestor.2


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