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    • Period: Legendery Period
    • Occupation: –
    • Family: Umashikarahisa (father)
    • Birth: –
    • Death: –


Ukatsukunu (鸕濡渟) was the son of Umashikarahisa and is seen mentioned during the reign of Emperor Sujin.

He is entrusted alongside his father Umashikarahisa to take Sacred Treasures to Emperor Sujin after he requests to see them.

Furune (his uncle) angered by this kills Ihiirine (another uncle) as he gave them over to Ukatsukunu and his father. After the death of his uncle, he and his father make a report of this to the Emperor and he despatches Kibitsuhiko and Takenumakahawake to kill Furune.1


1. Aston. W.G. (1896) “Nihongi Volume 1: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to AD697”. Tuttle Publishing.

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