Mononobe Clan

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Mononobe Clan

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Mononobe Clan

The Mononobe Clan (物部氏) are known to have made up the Imperial Guard. This clan is said to be the descendant of Ōhesoki.1

Legendary Period

80 Mononobe are said to have made pottery for Emperor Sujin who takes them to worship Ōkuninushi.1

In the reign of Emperor Suinin the Emperor then notes he has not heard of the Divine Treasures for some time and so sends the Tochine no Ohomuraji to check on them. He makes a report and is put in charge of them.1

Asuka Period

During the reign of Emperor Kinmei this Clan and the Nakatomi Clan opposed the adoption of Buddhism, despite Soga no Iname wishing for it to be adopted.

By the time of Emperor Sushun the clan led then by Mononobe no Moriya wished to place a different person upon the throne. However, the Clan lost to the Soga Clan and so Sushun was placed upon the throne.2

Members of the House


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Mononobe Clan