Fujiwara no Akihira

Mon of the Fujiwara Clan.

Fujiwara no Akihira

Fujiwara no Akihira (藤原 明衡) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan living from 989-1066.12 He was the father of two sons Atsumoto and Atsumitsu and during his lifetime held the position of Monjō Hakase at court and as a poet his works were inspired by confucianism.1 His works were the originator of the Fujiwara style of Chinese prose writing.2

Around 1060 he compiled the Honchō monzui, a group of 14 scrolls contains 427 poem in Chinese by Japanese authors. Additionally, he compiled the Meigō ōrai, a collection of models for letter writing, as well as the Shin sarugōki which describes life in Kyoto during the lifetime of Akihira.12


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Fujiwara no Akihira
Fujiwara no Akihira