Date Clan

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Date Clan
Mon of the Date Clan
  • First Ruler: Date Tomomune
  • Final Ruler: –
  • Dissolution: –
  • For a full list of Japanese Clans see: Clans.

Date Clan

The Date Clan (伊達氏) are descendants of Isa Tomomune, who later changed his name to Date Tomomune. After helping Minamoto no Yoritomo defeat his brother Yoshitsune in 1189 he was given the Date Dictrict of Mutsu Province from which he made the clan name.12

Acting as daimyō from the Kamakura to the Edo Period,1 they fought on the side of the Southern Court, siding with the Ashikaga Clan.2

In 1536, Date Tanemune created a familial and provinsial code called the Jinkaishū.2

During the Battle of Sekigahara, under the leadership of Date Masamune, they fought on the side of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and so due to aiding him they retained their lands in the aftermath,12 they were also given the Sendai Domain in Mutsu Province for their help in the battle.1

Between the years of 1660 and 1670 the family underwent a succession struggle, called the Date Sōdō, between Date Tsunamune, Date Tsunamura and Date Munekatsu.2

Branches of this familiy are known to have controlled the Yoshida and Uwajima Domains in Iyo Province.1

Members of the Clan


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