Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural Creatures

This page serves as a list of all the supernatural creatures currently on our website and is sure to continue to grow over time.

Alternative names for these creatures are also displayed alongside them.

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Interactive Map

This map aims to try and map those creatures whose home is stated in the documents we are researching. We hope you find it useful.

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Akashita in the Gazu Hyakki Yagyo.
    • Abura akago – 油赤子 – Reincarnation of a man who once stole oil.
    • Aka Manto – 赤マント – Disemboidied voice in bathrooms which will kill all it talks to.
    • Akaname – 垢嘗 – A creature known for licking the filth out of bathtubs.
    • Akashita – 赤舌 – Creature which may denote bad luck.
    • Amefuri Kozō – 雨降小僧 – Houseboy of the Rain kami.
    • Amikiri – 網剪 – Crustacean like creature which likes to cut netting.
    • Aobōzu – 青坊主 – One-eyed monk.
    • Aosagi no hi – 青鷺火 – Old herons.
    • Aonyōbō – 青女房 – A young and inexperienced lady in waiting.


    • Chōchin bi – 提灯火 – Fires carried by the ‘Lord of Night.’


    • Funa yūrei船幽霊 or 舟幽霊 – Aimless spirits or ghost lost at sea.
    • Furaribi – ふらり火 – Monster resembling a wandering flame.
    • Furutsubaki no rei – 古山茶の霊 – Old spirits of camelia trees.


    • Gagoze – 元興寺 – Creature which gained its name from Gangō-ji temple where it lived and killed monks. (Also known as Gangōji).
    • Ganbari nyūdō – 加牟波理入道 – Creature that lives in your bathroom.


    • Haka no hi – 墓の火 – Lights seen around gorin in graveyards.
    • Hannya – 般若 – The detached soul of a woman from The Tale of Genji.
    • Hashi-Hime橋姫 – A woman transformed into a ‘living Oni’ who has a desperate longing to be loved.
    • Hiderigami – 魃 – Body of a beast, but face of a man. It has one arm and one leg. Causes droughts. (Also known as Kanbo).
    • Hikeshi baba – 火消婆 – When Ying has to overtake Yang, this old woman type creature appears.
    • Hitodama人魂 – Souls of the dead.
    • Hitotsume Kozō – 一つ目小僧 – Small boy type creature who likes to jump out and scare people. Has an unusually long tongue.
    • Hiyoribō – 日和坊 – Creatures living in the Changzhou mountains of China.
    • Hone onna – 骨女 – Woman returned as a skeleton to seduce a man.
    • Hyōsube – ひょうすべ – Enchanted dolls which built the Kasuga Grand Shrine.


    • Ikiryō – 生霊 – Persons soul which can detach from then whilst sleeping.
    • Inugami – 犬神 – A Spirit capable of protecting, possessing and cursing humans.

      Inugami in the Hyakki Zukan.


    • Jorōgumo – 絡新婦 – Creature resembling a Spider.


    • Kamitachi – 窮奇 – A sudden whirlwind which bites at your skin.
    • Kamikiri – 髪切り – Creature which likes to cut hair.
    • Kappa – 河童 – Water dwelling frog-men which will steal the ‘life force’ of people.
    • Kasha – 火車 – Creature appearing at funerals, capable of stealing the dead and tearing apart their body.
    • Katawa guruma – 片輪車 – Female spirit attached to a wheel which wanders about.
    • Kawa Akago – 川赤子 – Creatures resembling babies which live high up in mountain streams.
    • Kawauso – 獺 – River otter which is a shape-shifter and trickster.
    • Kejōrō – 毛倡妓 – Woman with long hair from the pleasure quarters of Edo.
    • Kitsunebi – 狐火 – Fire breathing foxes which people would watch to determine the years harvest.
    • Kodama – 木魅 – Tree dwelling Spirits.
    • Kosenjō no hi古戦場火 – The blood of dead warriors causes these spirit fires.
    • Kurozuka – 黒塚 – Old hag which feast on unborn children. (Also known as Onibaba).


    • Makurageishi – 反枕 – Act of flipping a pillow and having a vision.
    • Mikoshi – 見越 – Mountain Spirits which scares passersby. Has an exaggerated long neck. (Also known as Mikoshi-Nyūdo).


Nurarihyon in the Hyakki Zukan.
    • Nekomata – 猫股 – Cat which walks on two legs with a split-tail.
    • Noderabō – 野寺坊 – A kind of monk-type creature associated with Nodera Temple.
    • Nopperabō – のっぺらぼう – Creature with a featureless face, which scares people. (Also known as Zunberabo or Nupperiho)
    • Nuppeppō – ぬっぺっぽう – A featureless blob known to be delicious.
    • Nurarihyon – ぬらりひょん – The leader of the Yōkai.
    • Nureonna – 濡れ女 – Serpentine water creature who would appear and ask people to hold her child.
    • Nuribotoke – 塗仏 – An animated corpse.
    • Nyūnai Suzume入内雀 – The soul of Fujiwara no Sanekata who turned into a flock of sparrows.


    • Obariyon – オバリヨン – Creature who will demand a piggy back and increase its weight until they pin you to the ground. (Also known as Onbu-obake).
    • Okikuお菊 – Ghost who is trapped forever trying to find a lost plate in a set of ten. (Also known as Sarakazoe).
    • Ōmagatoki – 逢魔時 – The Twilight Hour, also called The Hour of Meeting Demons.
    • Oni – 鬼 – Giant mountain dwelling creatures with horns. They wear lion cloths.
    • Onmoraki – 陰摩羅鬼- A kind of bird, made from a transformed corpse.
    • Osakabe長壁 – Creature dwelling in Himeji Castle.
    • Otoroshi – おとろし – Creature which dwells in abandoned and unkempt areas.
    • Ouni – 苧うに – Mountain dwelling, hag like creature. (Also known as Wau or Wau-Wau).


    • Rokurokubi -飛頭蛮 – Creature with a very long neck allowing their head to wander far from their body.


    • Sakabashira – 逆柱 – Creature which escape from wooden pillars placed upside down.
    • Samebito – A ‘Shark Man’ whose tears turn to rubies. Mentioned in the tale The Gratitude of the Samebito.
    • Sansei – 山精 – Humanoid creature. It has one leg and its foot faces backwards.
    • Satori – 覚 – Mountain dwelling ape-like creatures, with the ability to talk to humans and read our minds.

      Seta by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.
    • Seta – Giant centipede from the Folktale My Lord Bag of Rice.
    • Shirachigo – 白児 – Scribe of the Inugami.
    • Shiranui 不知火 – Strange lights on the shoreline.
    • Shōkera – しょうけら – Creature which stops worms leaving a persons body according to the Kōshin Religion.
    • Shuten-dōji – 酒呑童子 – Ruler of an army of Oni on Mount Ōe.
    • Sōgenbi – 叢原火 – Wandering flame born from the evil monk Sōgen.
    • Suiko – 水虎 – A type of Kappa, which lives in China.


    • Takaonna – 高女 – A courtesan as tall as a second story.
    • Tamamo-no-mae – 玉藻前 – Fox spirit which drained the life of the Emperor.
    • Tanuki – 狸 – A trickster raccoon-dog.
    • Tenasobi – Trickster and shape-shifter which can create columns of fire. (Also known as Marten).
    • Tengu – 天狗 – Creature falling into type two, a raven kind or humanoid version. Seen as guardians of mountains.
    • Tenome – 手の目 – Creature whose eyes are in its hands.
    • Teratsutsuki寺つつき – The soul of Mononobe no Moriya which became a flock of weedpeckers.
    • Tesso – 鉄鼠 – Plague of rats born from the restless spirit of the monk Raigō.
    • Tōfu Kozō – 豆腐小僧 – Small boy in a straw rain hat who will offer you tofu to eat with varying consequences.
    • Tsurubebi – 釣瓶火 – Fire spirit which would drop onto the heads of those who walk under old trees.


    • Ubagabi – 姥火 – Wandering flame which appeared near Hiraoka Shrine.

      The Umibozu depicted by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.
    • Ubume – 産女 – Bird capable of forming into guise of a woman.
    • Umibozū – 海坊主 – Ocean dwelling creatures, which will try to sink boats. (Also known as Umimyūdō, Umikozō and Tate-Eboshi).
    • Umizatō – 海座頭 – A blind lute player.
    • Ushinotoki-mairi丑時参 – Hour of the Ox when curses are their most powerful.
    • Ushi-oni – 牛鬼 – Depictions vary, with older variants showing the creature to have the head of an ox and body of a spider.
    • Uwan – うわん – Creature which haunts abandoned homes.


    • Waira – わいら – Creature with flabby skin and a single arm with a claw.
    • Wanyūdo輪入道 – Wheel with the face of the monk which rolls around in the sky and on land.


    • Yamabiko – 幽谷響 – Creature which is the manifestation of a mountains echo.
    • Yamauba – 山姥 – Hag type woman who lives wherever the cloud line is on a mountain. (Also known as Yamamba)
    • Yamawarawa – 山童 – Mountain dwelling creature with one eye which likes crab meat. (Also known as Yamawaro).
    • Yanari – 家鳴 – Creatures which make creaking sounds in your house.
    • Yuki-onna – 雪女 – Female mountain spirit who freezes to death people who walk through the mountains.


    • Zenki and Goki前鬼 & 後鬼 – Two Oni who were known to steal children from people in the Nara Mountains.

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Supernatural Creatures