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Here follows a list of Japanese Folktales (昔話) currently on our website. There will be more over time, so please bear with us for the time being.

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Fuijwara Hidesato

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  • Ōtoshi no Kyaku. The New Years Eve Visitor. A collection of tales around mysterious New Years visitors who will give great gifts.

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  • Kachi-Kachi Yama (かちかち山) Also known as The Farmer and the Badger. The story of a Rabbit seeking revenge on a Badger for killing an old woman.

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  • Shippeitaro – Story of the Dog Shippeitaro and the Warrior who save a maiden from being sacrificed.

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  • Banchō SarayashikiOkiku is killed after breaking one of ten heirloom plates, and thrown down a well. Her ghost returns each night trying to count and find the tenth plate she broke.

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  • Hagoromo (羽衣) Story of a celestial nymph who is forced to marry a fisherman.
  • The Melon Princess (瓜子姫) Story of a childless couple, who find a melon floating down river. Upon cutting it open a baby girl is found inside.
  • The Nightingale’s Coin. A man is gifted with a ‘never ending’ coin after looking after a woman house for one year, without open a ‘forbidden door.’ Later, another man comes hoping for the same reward, but opens this forbidden door.
  • Shōjōji no Tanuki Bayashi. The story of a group of Tanuki and their wild drum parties.

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