The Oni of Adachigahara

The Oni of Adachigahara

The Oni of Adachigahara is one of many Japanese folktales, this one centering around an evil oni.


The Oni of Adachigahara
He pressed the Old Woman to let him Stay, but she seemed very Reluctant.

In Mutsu there was said to be oni who took the form of an old woman. People would go missing in the area and it was thought she was eating them.

One day a priest was walking all day and could not find anyone to help him as he had lost his way. Tired, in the evening, he saw a slither of light in a group of trees and thought himself lucky to have found a house. The house was run down, but he found an old woman who was sat spinning wool.

He asked her if he could rest and spend the night here, and she eventually consents. They set up a fire in the home and she went to cook some rice for him. The fire died and she said she would collect some more wood, but while she gone he was not to look in the inner room of her home.

Curiosity eventually overcomes him and he found a room of bones, with blood covering the floor. He fled the house and heard the woman behind him. Screaming for him to stop, asking why he looked into the room. She chased him with a knife, but by morning she disappeared. The priest was very happy to have made it out alive.1

The Oni of Adachigahara
What he saw froze the Blood in his Veins.
The Oni of Adachigahara
After him Rushed the Dreadful Old Hag.


1. Ozaki, Y.T. (2015) “Japanese Fairy Tales” USA: Cavalier Classics.

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