Iki Province in 1868.



Ikinoshima (壱岐島, Onward Isle) was the fifth of the Great Land of Eightfold Isles to have been born by Izanami and Izanagi, inhabited by the Spirit Amehitotsubashira. It is a large island of the N.W coast of Kyushu. Its name derives from the work ‘Iki’ (to go) as it was a trading route between Yamato and the Korean Peninsula.1 The main text of the Nihongi says it was the eighth island to be born at the same time as Tsushima.2

Iki Province

The island of Iki was formed into Iki Province (壱岐国) after the Taika Reforms in AD645, and the establishment of the ritsuryō system.3

Heian Period

Fujiwara no Takaie (974-1044) was stationed in Dazaifu (Kyushu) and fought against the pirates on this island.4


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