List of Man’yoshu Poets

List of Man'yoshu Poets

List of Man’yoshu Poets

This page serves to act as a list of man’yoshu poets. We will continue to add to this as we undertake more research.

NameName in JapansePoemsNotes
Fujiwara no Hirotsugu藤原 広嗣A few poems in the man’yōshū.
Empress Genmei元明天皇35, 76
Haji Clan土師氏557, 558, 825, 843, 3660, 3844, 3845, 3955, 4047, 4067
Kasa Kanamura笠 [朝臣] 金村Several poems in the man’yōshū.
Priest Manzei満誓 沙弥7 poems in Books 3, 4 and 5.
Ōtomo no Tabito大伴 旅人
Ōtomo no Yakamochi大伴 家持He took a lead role in the compilation of the man’yōshū.
Largest number of poems in the books, totalling 479. 46 choka, 431 tanka and 1 in kanshi (Chinese).
Sakanoue no Iratsume大伴坂上 郎女Largest collection of poems for a woman. 77 tanka, 6 choka and 1 sedōka.
Yamanoue no Okura山上 憶良893

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