Fujiwara no Hirotsugu

Fujiwara no Hirotsugu
Fujiwara no Hirotsugu by Kikuchi Yōsai.

Fujiwara no Hirotsugu

Fujiwara no Hirotsugu (藤原 広嗣) was a member of the Fujwiara Clan, and leader of the Shikike Branch, living from 715-740. He was the son of Fujiwara no Umakai and we can find some of his poetry in the Man’yōshū.

In 738AD he was given a minor position in Dazaifu, but a mere two years later saw him raise a force of 10,000 men and cause a rebellion. The Imperial forces rallied to fight against him near the Itabitsu River where he was subsequently defeated and then beheaded.1


1. Louis Frederic, translated by Kathe Roth (2002) “Japan Encyclopedia”. London: Harvard University Press.

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Fujiwara no Hirotsugu