Fujiwara no Nakamaro

Fujiwara no Nakamarō
Mon of the Fujiwara Clan.

Fujiwara no Nakamarō

Fujiwara no Nakamarō (藤原 仲麻呂) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, more specifically the Nanke Branch of this clan.

Living from 706-764AD he was the son of Fujiwara no Muchimaro.1 He was also known as Emi no Oshikatsu.12

The nephew of Fujiwara no Asukabehime. During his lifetime she moved him from position to position which eventually led to him reaching the highest councils of state.3

In 745 Nakamaro banished Priest Genbō to Kyushu.2 He would also banish Fujiwara no Yoshitsugu during his lifetime.1

After the Emperor Shōmu abdicated he nominated a Crown Prince for the following Emperor, his daughter Kōken. However, Nakamarō saw to it that this Crown Prince resigned from the position, paving the way for Emperor Junnin to eventually take the throne who had connections to his family after he also convinced Emperor Kōken to abdicate.3

In 764AD Kōken threatens Emperor Junnin and the position Nakamarō now had as the power behind the Emperor and so he ceases the Privy Seal looking to replace Junnin with a new candidate on the throne. Kōken learns of the plot, and so has Nakamarō and his wife, captured, exiled and killed.3 Kibi no Makibi okayed a role in helping surpress his rebellion.2

Fujiwara no Kurajimaro was opposed to him during his lifetime.1


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