Fujiwara no Toyonari

Fujiwara no Toyonari
Fujiwara no Toyonari.

Fujiwara no Toyonari

Fujiwara no Toyonari (藤原 豊成) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, more specifically the Nanke Branch of this clan.

He was the eldest son of Fujiwara no Muchimaro living from 704-765AD and had a son named Fujiwara no Tsuginawa. During his life he was a statesman as well as minister during the reigns of Empress Genshō and Emperor Shōmu.

He was also known as Naniwa no Daijin.1

There is a folktale stating he was the father of Chūjō-hime (中将姫) who he had with a ‘Princess Murasaki.’2


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