Wiki Updates #10

Wiki Updates #10

Wiki Updates #10

Wiki Updates #10
Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.

Wiki Updates #10 is here.

And if I am honest there isn’t much new for you since we last posted. We have added alot of redirect pages to make it easier for people to find certain pages.

This is especially true as we have started to look into various job and roles for both those of the Japanese Court and the Imperial Family.

We have collected them into two seperated pages

Court Titles and Imperial Titles.

Court Titles currently contain the jobs known as:

  • Daijin, Nagon, Naidaijin, Dainaiki, Dajō daijin, Dainagon, Udajin, Sadaijin

And the Imperial Titles now list these occupations:

  • Jōkō, Hōō, In, Dajō-Hōō, Daijō Tennō, Dajō-kō, Chūgū, Kōgō, Kōtaigō, Ōkisaki, Hō-Shinnō

Aside from all of this we have had for a while a growing set of links to ‘Provinces’ which did not exist on the site. Considering this was a growing ‘theme’ of wanted pages we looked into getting most of these out the way, and they are listed below:

By next week we will have got all the ‘Wanted Province’ pages added to the site.

That’s it for now guys.

Talk to you all soon.

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