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Ōyamatsumi (大山祇 – Great Mountain Majesty) is the kami of the Mountains and was created by Izanami and Izanagi after the kami Kukunochi.

He marries his sister Kayanohime and together the two of them have eight children, Kuninosatsuchi, Amenosazuchi, Amenosagiri, Kuninosagiri, Amenokurado, Kuninokurado, Ōtomatohime and Ōtomatohiko. This is related in the kojiki. He is also listed as the father of Ashinadzuchi, Kamu Ōichihime and Konohanachiruhime.1

The nihongi states he was born by Izanami and Izanagi after the creation of the kami Watatsumi.2

The Engi Shiki and Fudoki mention a shrine to them in Shikoku, which is apparently where he made land fall during the reign of Nintoku after crossing over the ocean from Paekche.1


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