Kamu Ōichihime

Kamu Ōichihime

Kamu Ōichihime

Kamu Ōichihime (神大市比売 – Lady Sacred Great Market) is mentioned in the text of the Kojiki as the second wife of Susano-o. Potentially by tracing the family tree, she would be the aunt of Kushinadahime, who was the first wife of Susano-o; as her father was Ōyamatsumi, meaning her brother could have been Ashinadzuchi.

As the second wife of Susano-o she gave birth to the spirits Ōtoshi and Ukanomitama.

The Engi Rites mention shrines to her in Ise, and she has ties to mountains, seas and field which suggest how markets can be useful to bring all these different areas together.1


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