Kayanohime (草野姫命 – Lady Thatch) also called Nozuchi (Moorland Elder) is said to be the Spirits of Herbs in the Nihongi1 and Moorland in the Kojiki.2

She was created by Izanami and Izanagi after the Spirit Kukunochi. This is related in the Nihongi.1

In the Kojiki however, she is born after her husband and brother, the Spirit Ōyamatsumi. Her name represents rugged terrain expanding from the base of mountains. Together the two of them have eight children, KuninosatsuchiAmenosazuchiAmenosagiriKuninosagiriAmenokuradoKuninokuradoŌtomatohime and Ōtomatohiko.2

She is briefly seen in an alternative writing in the Nihongi during the events of Amaterasu entering into the Rock Cave. When offerings are being gathered to try and coax her from the cave she is instructed to gather suzuki grass.1


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