Kanke Godenki

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Kanke Godenki

Kanke Godenki

The Kanke Godenki (菅家御伝記) is a piece of Japanese literature written by Sugawara no Tsuratsune in 1106.

Inside he tried to rectify the ancestry of the Haji Clan by placing certain members such as Umashikaraine and Iirine as ancestor of Nomi no Sukune. Previously other records, such as the Shinsen Shōjiroku had not had them connected in the same line.

The text also states that Haji no Mino was granted the title of muraji during the reign of Emperor Nintoku. We know from the Nihongi that there was a ‘Haji no Muraji’ and Tsuratsune may have taken this and applied it to Haji no Mino to rationalize the Haji Clans family history.1


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