Haji no Mino

Haji no Mino

Haji no Mino (土師 身臣) was a member of the Haji Clan and great-grandson of Nomi no Sukune living during the reign of Emperor Nintoku. He was granted the title of muraji during Nintoku’s reign, according to the Kanke Godenki, and this is somewhat corroborated in the Nihongi where the earliest mentioning of a ‘Haji no Muraji’ can be found though there is no mentioning of Haji no Mino or the fact that this title was given during his reign.

It is likely the Kanke Godenki added this reference in the Nihongi to this man to rationalize the Haji Clans family history.1


1. Borgen, R. (1975) “The Origins of the Sugawara. A History of the Haji Family”. Monumenta Nipponica. Vol.30 No.4 pp.405-422
Haji no Mino

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