• Period: Legendary Period
    • Occupation:
    • Family: Haji Clan (descendants) Amenohohi (ancestor) Others see below.
    • Birth:
    • Death:


Iirine (飯入根) is an ancient ancestor to the Haji Clan, some branches of the family claiming descent from him instead of others such as Umashikaraine and Nomi no Sukune (who in the Nihongi is said to have founded the Haji Clan).

The Shinsen Shōjiroku, written in 815, states three branches of the Haji claimed Iirine and Umashikaraine as their ancestor, with three others claiming Nomi no Sukune, all of these men being 12th generational descendants of Amenohohi. Later in 1106 Sugawara no Tsuratsune wrote the Kanke Godenki, inside he tried to rectify the family tree, placing Iirine and Umashikaraine as ancestors of Nomi no Sukune.1


1. Borgen, R. (1975) “The Origins of the Sugawara. A History of the Haji Family”. Monumenta Nipponica. Vol.30 No.4 pp.405-422

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