Awa Nami

Awa Nami

Awa Nami (沫那美神 – Wave Foam Woman) is mentioned in the Kojiki as daughter of Hayaakitsuhime and Hayaakitsuhiko, the Estuary Spirits. She was the second of eight born to them and is often associated with the portion of a rivers mouth that is on the seaward side.

Her siblings are Aha Nagi, Tsuranagi, Tsuranami, Amenomikumari, Kuninomikumari, Amenokuizamochi and Kuninokuizamochi.1

The Nihongi does not give a name to this deity, simply stating:

Izanagi and Izanami then produced the sea, the rivers, and then the mountains, after the Eightfold Isles.1


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