Aha Nagi

Aha Nagi

Aha Nagi (沫那藝神 – Calm Foam Man2) is a god of Shinto mentioned only in one version of the Nihongi where he is stated to be the father of the Spirit Izanagi and son of a deity called Ame Yorodzu.1

More about this Spirit is mentioned in the Kojiki where he is stated to be the son of Hayaakitsuhime and Hayaakitsuhiko, the Estuary Spirits. He was the first of eight children, his siblings being Awa Nami, Tsuranagi, Tsuranami, Amenomikumari, Kuninomikumari, Amenokuizamochi and Kuninokuizamochi.

His name is associated with the portion of a river’s mouth that is closest to the land.2

Though the Nihongi mentions him much earlier in its text, in relation to him being the father of Izanagi. In the section of the Nihongi which would correspond with the Kojiki where it lists the deities of Hayaakitsuhime and others, this deity is not mentioned, the Nihongi merely stating:

Izanagi and Izanami then produced the sea, the rivers, and then the mountains, after the Eightfold Isles.1


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