Hayaakitsuhiko (速秋津日子神 – Rushing River Mouth Lad) was the ninth of ten kami created after Izanami and Izanagi had created the Eightfold Isles and the six subsequent isles, according to the Kojiki. He is the kami of River Estuaries and he, with his own sister, gives birth to eight kami. These are Aha Nagi, Awa Nami, Tsuranagi, Tsuranami, Amenomikumari, Kuninomikumari, Amenokuizamochi and Kuninokuizamochi.1

The Nihongi does not name this kami or his sister, however, it mentions them collectively as the kami of the River Mouths Hayaakitsumi. It also states they are born after the kami Yamatsumi.2


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