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Amenomikumari (天之水分神 – Heaven’s Watershed) is mentioned in the Kojiki as a child of Hayaakitsuhime and Hayaakitsuhiko, the Estuary kami. They were the fifth of eight born to them with their name representing an estuary’s origin near mountain heights on the landward side near heaven.

Their siblings are Aha Nagi, Awa Nami, Tsuranagi, Tsuranami, Kuninomikumari, Amenokuizamochi and Kuninokuizamochi.1

The Nihongi does not give a name to this kami, simply stating:

Izanagi and Izanami then produced the sea, the rivers, and then the mountains, after the Eightfold Isles.2

The Engi Shiki list many shrines to this kami and associates them with the water required for rice paddies.1


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