Abe Clan

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Abe Clan

The Abe Clan (安倍氏) is one of the various Clans of Japan.


This particular clan finds itself in two different areas of Japan. (This could make it difficult in piecing together which ‘family’ of Abe they are a part of)

The first family were based in Uji in Yamato Province. These are stated in the Nihongi and Shinsen Shōjiroku to be descended from Emperor Kōgen.

The next family claimed descent from a man known as ‘Abi‘ who was the elder brother of the Chieftain Nagasunehiko. He was a man who resisted the conquest of Emperor Jimmu. This particular family rose to power in Northern Honshu in the mid-Heian Period.1

Asuka Period

They are known to have taken charge of the Onmyōdō alongside the Kamo Clan after its creation by Emperor Kōtoku.2

Between 658 and 660 Abe no Hirafu was sent to subdue the Ezo People and later in 663 he was sent to aide the forces of Paekche (Korea). Unfortunately he was defeated in the Battle of Hakusuhinoe.1

Heian Period

The Earlier Nine Years War was was begun by Abe no Yoritoki after he decided to invade neighboring territories and stop paying taxes. He was eventually defeated in 1057, though his sons continued the fight.1

Yamato Members

Mutsu Members


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