Takemikazuchinoo (建御雷之男神 – Brave Mighty Thunderbolt Man) is a Shinto Kami and the last of three Lightning Kami born from the blood of Kagutsuchi after he was beheaded by the sword Itsunoohabari owned by Izanagi. The blood, caught upon the guard of the sword dripped down onto hallowed boulders forming this kami. This is related in the Kojiki and Nihongi.12

He has the alternative names of Takefutsu (建布都神 – Brave Slasher) and Toyofutsu (豊布都神 – Plentiful Slasher) and was worshiped by The Intercessors. The ‘futsu’ element of his name may derive from Korean in which it could mean ‘glowing red.’1

One other version of the Nihongi says he is the son of Mikahayahi.2


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