Imbe Clan

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Imbe Clan

The Imbe Clan (忌部氏, 斎部氏) were one of the many various clans of Japan. This clan claimed descent from the Shinto kami Ameno Futodama.3

The kami Hiwashi is said to be the ancestor of the Imbe of Aha Province.4

Originally of low class they gained power and influence as the court became invested in sacerdotal powers. Between the 4th and 7th century they, with the Nakatomi Clan oversaw the Yamato Court.23

During the reign of Emperor Kōtoku in the 7th Century, this clan alongside the Nakatomi Clan and Urabe Clan were tasked with overseeing the Shinto department known as the Jingikan.1 There was a guild of artisans (Beknown to have been responsible for the maintenance and keeping of objects relating to Shinto worship, which was over seen by Imbe no Obito.3

However, they become eclipsed by the Fujiwara Clan after the 7th Century. In 807AD, in a desperate attempt to regain power, a clan member called Imbe no Hironari publishes the Kogo Shūi.23

Members of the House


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Imbe Clan