Kogo Shūi

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Kogo Shūi

The Kogo Shūi (古語拾遺) is a document containing the achievements of the Imbe Clan. It was written in 807 by Imbe no Hironari.12

Kogo Shūi
Scan of the Kogo Shūi.

As well as the Clans achievements it also contains myths and legends from before the time of Emperor Jimmu, even containing legends not found in the nihongi and kojiki.1

This texts details how when Ishikoridome first fashioned a mirror it was defective and so became the kami Hinokuma. It lists Ameno Futodama as ancestress of the Imbe Clan and lists many clans decended from Kamimusuhi as well as stating Izanagi was the first kami to set foot on earth.3

External Links

    • You can find scans of the document on the Waseda University Website: HERE.


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